In today's political reality the Federal deficit has ballooned and taxes can't be raised.  The Federal and State solution? Send out tax-due letters if there is the slightest chance that some tax may be due.  In over 80% of the time no tax is due.  Now letter audits are popular.  Since no IRS agent comes to see you it is much cheaper for the IRS.  You have to prove your deductions and the IRS throws out everything even if you have receipts, and you have to justify each expense to get it back.

With this hostile environment you don't need to face it alone.  You need someone with experience and credentials to be on your side.  At Haney Tax we have been here for 23 years fighting for the taxpayer.  With the Enrolled Agents designation, I am licensed to practice before the IRS.  Not something that just any tax preparer can do.

Don't face the IRS alone.  When you purchase a tax program and do the reutrn yourself without training, you can easily miss something that would give you a larger refund.  Also, that program can't help you with problems with the IRS.


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